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Born January 27, 1973 in Rome. For many years she worked as a restorer of paintings and frescoes, and then as an illustrator of comic books and cartoons. Lives and works between Rome and Valmontone. Collaborate with RAI - Italian Radio Television. In 2008 she enrolled at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome and has since devoted himself mainly to painting and sculpture.

Work experience

Assistant Laboratory Course Techniques Foundry Prof. Manuela Traini at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

since 2008
RAI - Italian Television and Radio Rai SpA/RAISAT (RM).

1999 – 2000
Designer of cartoons at the animation offices Graphilm and Musicartoon (RM).

1998 – 1999
Art director, illustrator and 2D animator at EuroMedia Office(RM).

1996 – 1999
Restorer of frescoes, paintings on canvas and other media at the Laboratory of restoration of art GAGGI - Bernardini - KNIGHT (RM).

Percorso formativo.

since 2008
Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

1994 – 1999
Course of restoration of paintings on canvas and wood supports.
Course of illustrator, comics and animation in 2D.

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